Family Fitness Challenge

Chicago’s Greater Englewood community currently has a life expectancy of 60 years old. This is significantly lower than other communities located 5 - 8 miles away. Diabetes, asthma, and heart disease are identified as some of the leading morbidity issues within Greater Englewood and could be a factor in early mortality. The goal of this project is to get youth and their families active and engaged in five fun fitness challenges between July and September. 


PlayStreets in Chicago is a collaborative initiative for healthier and stronger communities by creating safe and accessible residential play areas for kids to be active, to learn, and for neighbors to come together. Implementing community-based organizations will help organize residents to create safe, accessible environments where youth and families can be physically active, learn, create, come together, and have fun.

We challenge you to get up, get active, and get healthy by signing up for our Family Fitness Challenges.  Once you sign up, we will provide you with a challenge kit that includes all supplies needed for the challenge plus healthy snacks to enjoy. On the challenge dates below, families must complete the challenge and upload a recording to Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok using #PlaystreetsEnglewood and #PlaystreetsSouth to win cool prizes!

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