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Peace Campus

Our neighbors and supporters have co-created the Peace Campus, a block-based community center consisting of 16 properties that include 5 houses, two basketball courts, a community garden, and a nature play lot. The Peace Campus was previously owned by I Grow Chicago. Now Imagine Englewood If is the owner and operator of the Campus. Since 1997, Imagine Englewood If has empowered and strengthened the Greater Englewood community by teaching local youth healthy living, environmental awareness, and positive communication skills.



6402 S. Honore Street

 Today in West Englewood many residents aren't always sure where their next meal will come from. 33% of West Englewood residents experience food insecurity. Currently almost 70% of West Englewood residents feel unsafe in their neighborhood. Food insecurity, homelessness, and job placement plague our community and so we have created spaces to speak to those daily needs.  The peace house is our center for various resources. Services include, providing the community with free meals daily, case management opportunities, re-entry resources and community also is home to our We Grow partners Teamwork Englewood which focuses on youth programming and mentorship.

Imagination House

6407 S. Honore Street

The imagination house is a place of purpose for youth. Home to our youth programming for children 6-22 years old. This house provides safe spaces for adolescents  in Englewood to enhance their creative growth, environmental knowledge, and physical activity. Rooted in the core principles of Positive communication, healthy living, and environmental awareness. Our programs include our imagination Explorers after school enrichment program, Progressionista book club, kids on the move summer camp, and lastly,  Growing Citizens Leaders which focuses on  professional development workshops, and civic engagement training for youth ages 14-22. The house is also a safe space for community events that include panel discussions, roundtables, and open mic events that promote positivity and growth.

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Inspiration House 

6429 S. Honore Street

The inspiration house is run by Growing home.  Growing Home is Chicago’s leading expert in farm-based training for people with employment barriers. By providing 25 hours per week of paid on-the-job experience and job-readiness training at our farms, plus the support to conquer issues like criminal records, medical needs, child-care, and housing. Furthermore, Growing Home helps people find meaningful, sustaining careers,By training  them in job skills, giving them real work experience, and supporting them while they begin their careers by helping with job placement and life-planning. They also offer our produce to our neighbors at significantly reduced prices, advocate for the issues impacting Englewood, and open up their space for training, workshops, and more.

Mpower House

The Mpower house is home to our media programming for youth, from audio engineering to video game development, teens will learn and explore the ever-changing digital world.


Healing House 

6429 S. Honore Street

The current state of mental health in West Englewood is critical. Recent research has shown that 14% of West Englewood residents currently exhibit symptoms of depression,  54% percent of males in West Englewood have experience with being arrested, 20 percent of women in West Englewood have shown symptoms of PTSD, and 1 in 3 women in West Englewood have had experience with domestic violence. The healing house on the campus will be our programming space that aims to address many of these challenges, through comprehensive mental health practices. Along with health services and wellness resources, Resources including Youth, Adult, and Family Counseling. The environment of the healing house will be designed with peace, tranquility, and Wholeness in mind. 



DONATE to help get the Healing House open by October 2023

Peace Garden

Food insecurity is described as limited availability of, or access to, nutritionally adequate and safe foods. Today in West Englewood 35% of families have a history of diabetes. 33% of families also experience food insecurity. According to the national library of medicine findings indicate that better maternal diet quality during pregnancy, characterized by a high intake of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dairy products and protein diets, may have a synergistic effect on reducing the risk of preterm birth .In our peace garden we strive to combat the ills of  our community by providing neighborhood residents with healthy non genetically modified vegetables. It also provides the  community with free gardening classes to learn how to grow sustainable food and also Free cooking classes to learn how to make quick and healthy meals that can be made from the things grown in their gardens. Thus promoting longer life and health.

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Peace Court

The peace court is one of our two basketball courts on campus and serves the youth as a safe space for sporting activities for children 6-12 years old.

Nature Playlot

The nature playlot is a safe space for our youth ages 6-12 years old to play, explore and let their imaginations be brought to life.


Healing Court

The healing court is one of our two basketball courts on campus and serves both youth and the greater community. The healing court acts as a safe space for various forms of community engagement such as pep rallies, intimate gatherings , sporting events and even celebrations of life.

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