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The Englewood Health Navigators is an initiative of the Englewood Quality of Life Plan’s Health & Wellness Task Force. The pilot of the initiative is funded by Impact Englewood, a McCormick Foundation Fund and managed by Imagine Englewood If.

We envision Englewood as a progressive model for health and wellness. We are a community committed to improving the holistic health of residents through intergenerational programs and resources. 

Healthier lifestyle choices and access to health resources are imperative for addressing disparities in health outcomes for Englewood residents. To reverse the cycle we will undertake transformational roles in directing the health of our community through education, prevention and connection. We recognize that improving connections to mental health resources is key to Englewood’s future. As Englewood residents, we are committed to finding long-term prevention approaches to reducing disparities and improving the quality and longevity of the lives of our residents.

We will increase accessibility, availability and use of health resources, including mental health support and advocate for healthy food production and consumption. Identify and reduce barriers to care.  

Health Navigators will use knowledge sharing, training and access to real-time resources to encourage peer learning as a unique way of supporting our wellness. This committed group will serve as a powerful bridge between healthcare institutions, community initiatives and residents. They will go out into the community to connect residents to a variety of health resources, including screening for chronic illness and sexually transmitted infections, and mental health resources, navigators will also connect residents to opportunities for increased nutrition and physical fitness leveraging local assets.

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