iTribe - Volunteers

Imagine Englewood if mission is to strengthen and

empower the Greater Englewood community

through teaching local youth and their families

healthy living, environmental awareness, and

positive communication skills.


Through quality enrichment programs, mentorship

we create safe spaces for youth to heal, grow and

develop, We organize community events for

people to connect, communicate and collaborate.


Volunteers advance our efforts by serving as a

dynamic leaders that support IEi staff, families and

programs through committed service by investing time and skills to spark the minds of youth through mentorship, organizing the largest community cleans ups on the southside of chicago,  and connecting your family with Englewood families.

The "i" stands for the following:

  • Imagine - help youth to imagine the change they want to create in the world

  • Invest - volunteers invest time and energy to help youth and/or organization  achieve what they imagine

  • Impact - volunteers will ultimately create impact in the Englewood community by empowering youth and IEi

Categories of iTribe include:

  • Mentor -work directly with youth in IEi programs

  • Ambassadors - Help coordinate IEi events and volunteer at community events on behalf of IEi

  • Skilled volunteers - volunteer expertise in marketing, fundraising, program management, information management, etc to support organization

  • Family volunteers - entire family commits to regularly helping the organization; community events and  community gardening program


I invite you to join the journey to make the imagination to create a Greater Englewood a reality by following the link to join our iTribe below.


6002 S. Halsted Street 

Chicago, IL 60621

Tel: (773) 488-6704

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