Facility Improvement Fund

“Imagine Englewood if” is a (501c3) not-for-profit organization serving the Greater Englewood Community since 1997. All donations go directly into programs that impact the youth and residents of the Englewood community.

Facility Improvement Fund

About this Campaign

Imagine Englewood If is a small community-based non profit that is centered in a Chicago community known for it's violence and crime. Our mission is to improve the quality of life in Englewood by engaging youth and families in models for healthy living, environmental awareness and positive interactions. We are most proud of the safe haven we provide to our youth and our lead poisoning prevention campaign. Our facility is used not only by IEI youth, but other organizations needing space for programs, events and community outreach. We would like to improve the condition of our center. Because we use the majority of our funding directly serving our families, especially the youth, we come up short with facility improvement efforts. Our floors are concrete, our windows coverings are over 15 years old and only cover half of our storefront and our bathroom needs new plumbing fixtures (vanity and toilet). In addition, we are in need of a paint job. We feel we can get most of these repairs and upgrades done this summer with a little help from people that understand the importance these changes are to not only our youth/families but staff and the many friends and partners that use our space throughout the year. Keep us in mind and donate to Beautify IEI so we can continue our good work with a new look!

Spreading awareness is a great way to help support our cause.


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